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WOW, what an amazing trail run!  And tough, tough,
tough...check out the
elevation chart.  That's over 7,000 ft of
climb in a 50K.  Dink Taylor who was second place overall in
2006 (4:58) and is the current race director of the most
prestigious 50K trail race in Alabama (
Mountain Mist) says
that's a ton.  My calves believe it...they quit working at 22
miles.  Did I mention the elevation chart...
look what I still had soaked shoes!  Speaking of getting wet, the creeks
were bursting due to the rain on race day and the rain a
couple of days before, but that looks like a smile on my face
doesn't it.  It was a blast!  And the whole course was
absolutely gorgeous!  
You gotta do this race.
Check out Shannon's photo's from the race
And here is John Moore's photo link from the race
John is the webmaster for the Anniston Runners Club
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