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7:30AM start; left Atlanta at 5AM; teamed up with Travis on I75 and we followed each other.  Did the normal Shoney's
potty break stop shortly before 7:00 and were only 2 miles from the start so everything was on schedule, right...uh no.  
This was a new start and it could work, but they've got to get it better organized.  Parking was back up half a mile with
no directing (that we saw).  Signage to and for packet pick-up didn't exist and then when you got there the lines were
backed up at least 20 deep.  We got our numbers at 7:20 and were running back to our cars (in flip flops) when we
pass a park ranger who tells us we can't park where we parked.  Good grief, what next.  Well what's next was we got to
the starting line at 7:31 only to notice that people were wearing a shoe tag for timing...they gave us no timing time.  And
understand this is a race I've always bragged on.  I get Travis number and tear across the field, back up the stairs in
the registration building, get the tags and get back before it starts...(because they were holding up the start due to long
porta potty lines).  Last year on this topic, all I wrote was 'easy check-in'.

About 45 degrees and calm.  First 3 miles were with Travis at around 7:00.  Locked in 6:40s pretty much after that.  Did
slow down alittle at 9 to visit with a guy named Chuck who was going for 3:10...and made it with a 3:09 and change.  
Also backed off just a tad around 17 to try and string a guy along who had been running a very strong negative split
with another guy, but there had been some separation.

I got myself down to 6th place, but I just couldn't close on the other negative split guy (who I wanted to find after the
race but couldn't to congratulate him and tell him he made me run my butt off).

No water for the last 4 miles (not really a problem for me, but that should never happen at that stage in the race).  
Finished still running + - 6:40s, though I did give up the chase on 5th place with a mile or so ago since he had sight
gapped me (I couldn't see him anymore).

The weather stayed nice (sunny, no wind, about 50).  They did a tech shirt again (but didn't tell you that when you
registered, so sizing was a problem, and they ran out of mediums).  They threw in a nice running hat this year, which I
thought was a very nice extra and the soup and pizza is always something to look forward to after the race.

I really wish they'd go back to last years course but I think this course is probably here to stay (though I thought last
years was too).  They added a 1/2 marathon, but in went in and out of the marathon course (or vise versa) and just
kinda muddle up things.  I didn't let it bother me; it just seems like they should re-think the layout though.

AND both courses at the start and finish had a mile or so of some old busted up asphalt road, mud and trail.  I run
trails so again I'm not saying it effected my run, but that kind of surface in the last mile or two is tricky on the legs
because the bumps can take you out of what little rhythm you still have left.  

I don't mean to bash these guys this year, but organization and coordination on this new course and venue needs

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Joe Now
            2008 Chickamauga                
                    Sat. 11/08                
      Time            Pace             Time
1       0:07:12        0:07:12        0:07:12
2       0:07:00        0:07:06        0:14:12
3       0:06:58        0:07:03        0:21:10
4       0:06:36        0:06:57        0:27:46
5       0:06:42        0:06:54        0:34:28
6       0:06:46        0:06:52        0:41:14
7       0:06:42        0:06:51        0:47:56
8       0:06:40        0:06:49        0:54:36
9       0:06:56        0:06:50        1:01:32
10     0:06:47        0:06:50        1:08:19
11     0:06:41        0:06:49        1:15:00
12     0:06:46        0:06:49        1:21:46
13     0:06:46        0:06:49        1:28:32
14     0:06:45        0:06:48        1:35:17
15     0:06:40        0:06:48        1:41:57
16     0:06:36        0:06:47        1:48:33
17     0:06:36        0:06:46        1:55:09
18     0:06:33        0:06:46        2:01:42
19     0:06:33        0:06:45        2:08:15
20     0:06:27        0:06:44        2:14:42
21     0:06:28        0:06:43        2:21:10
22     0:06:48        0:06:44        2:27:58
23     0:06:49        0:06:44        2:34:47
24     0:06:42        0:06:44        2:41:29
25     0:06:49        0:06:44        2:48:18
26.2  0:08:13        0:06:44        2:56:31
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